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Our Funeral Homes in South Florida will help arrange a fitting funeral service for your loved one, tailored to your needs, customs, and desires. Traditionally, a visitation, or gathering of relatives and friends, is held at our funeral home or in a house of worship, most often, with the deceased present. The casket may be open or closed; it is entirely the decision of the family. Later that day or the next, the formal funeral service is held, with the burial or entombment following.

Traditional services are typically group-centered, with family, friends, and members of the community that are invited to remember the life of their loved one, and begin the process of mourning or celebration.

The scenario described above is what is considered typical, however, different families have different needs and desires. We will work with you to create the funeral that is most appropriate for your loved one and your beliefs.

Call us at our Funeral Home in Pompano Beach to discuss all available options and pricing.

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